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Chiropractic Care
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We provide a range of care to suit your needs:
– Symptom Relief Care
– Correction Care
– Preventative and Wellness Care

Welcome to Sydney Wellness Chiropractic

Chiropractic and Network Care have a wide range of researched benefits. Chiropractic utilises the bodies innate ability to self heal and regulate. This innate scientifically proven ability of your body means we can assist the body in maintaining its structure and function without the use of drugs or surgery allowing better long term healing.

Chiropractic can benefit many aspects of your life

When you are receiving regular chiropractic care you are working to improve your wellbeing and can experience an improvement in:

  • Reduction in tension, stiffness and pain
  • Better Posture and alignment
  • Experience fewer headaches
  • Increase energy, flexibility, health and  immune function.
  • Digestive disorders, asthma and allergies.

Additional Benefits

The body is a complex system, as you begin to positively change things with Chiropractic you may experience an increase in your productivity and ability to deal with stress. You can strengthen your mental clarity and focus when your body is properly aligned as well as improve concentration and reduce anxiety and depression.

Chiropractic is much more than a spinal alignment tool, by feeling better you will get more out of life, often increasing confidence.
We would love to help you to improve your wellbeing and build a better and stress free future for with you.

Explore our Chiropractic techniques


What chiropractors can help with


Joint Pain

Back Pain

Low Energy

Headaches & Migraines

Digestive Conditions

Prevention & Wellness

Sport Injuries





Disc Problem


Sciatica Pain


Neck Pain

How chiropractic can help

At Sydney Wellness Chiropractic, we focus on identifying your level of health and the wellness goals you wish to achieve.

After a thorough examination of your spine, posture and your areas of concern, you will be given a choice of care options we have available for you.
We know that everyone has different needs, so Dr. Xavier works one on one with you to identify the best solution for you:

Symptom Relief Care             Correction Care                 Wellness Care

One of the latest styles of Chiropractic is a very gentle technique known as Spinal Network Analysis and Network Care. This technique uses gentle specific pressure along the spine, breathing exercises and specific targeted movements.This is a highly specialized technique in which Dr Xavier has trained and is ideal for patients nervous with the physicality of traditional Chiropractic

By working cooperatively with your body’s nerve system we work to help you release, reassemble and re-organise the tensions held in your body.

If there is a specific condition or problem you have, we may be able to help you.

Find out how we can help